Carol & Tom Paretti, Workingwood

paretti.jpgWorkingwood | Prescott, AZ

Kaleidoscopes by Tom and Carol Paretti were considered to be avant-garde in the late 1970s.  They continued to make innovative kaleidoscopes well into the 2010's.   

The Parettis made every piece of their kaleidoscopes by hand in their northern Arizona studio. For several years, they worked exclusively with exotic woods. Then they started using leather, anodized aluminum and Pyrex glass filled with tiny glass beads for the barrels of some of their kaleidoscope styles, reserving the finely hewn and highly polished wood for the eyepieces, and turning ends.

Their signature was their hallmark wood fluting for the third side of the mirror system, creating a zig-zag effect that draws the viewer in towards the oil cells. Simply wonderful! Whatever material they used, they maintained the quality of their work at the highest standard, and are respected for meticulous craftsmanship.

Carol and Tom Paretti are now retired after a long and successful career as kaleidoscope artists.  We wish them happiness, good health and endless days of relaxation.