Gift ideas to unplug and reduce stress this holiday season

Posted by Lisa Hill on 2nd Dec 2017

We are all guilty at times of overuse of our handheld devices or getting wrapped up in the everyday stressors that life sends our way. Everybody should take time out of each day to unplug, de-stress and to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  One way to do this is by viewing a kaleidoscope.  

Together with their exquisite handcrafted exteriors, and their beautiful and colorful interior images, kaleidoscopes are widely known to provide mental health healing powers to those who use and view them.  Kaleidoscopes are often recommended by health professionals as therapeutic tools to provide a calming and relaxing effect and to reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, kaleidoscopes are frequently used in doctors offices to calm patients waiting for their appointments.    

Think of a kaleidoscope when searching for a gift for that person on your gift list that needs to unplug and take a few minutes to relax and unwind each day.  Kaleidoscopes help to provide focus, creativity and balance and can also improve a less than ideal mood.  

Kaleidoscopes come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges - for kids, tweens/teens and adults.  Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Curious George and Thomas the Tank are great 'starter' kaleidoscopes for preschoolers. Our Princess Kaleidoscope kit provides a fun way to build your own kaleidoscope and even allows you to chose your own objects for the object chamber.  

Kaleidoscope ToysPrincess Kaleidoscope Kit


Colors Spirits/Theme Spirits as well as David Kalish's 'Eye Pod 2' or 'Play With It' are great options for tweens and teens.  The ability to take photographs with your telephone make many of our teleidoscopes a great option for this group also.Mixed Media KaleidoscopesEye Pod 2Play With ItEye on the Ball


For adults, we have a variety of kaleidoscopes handcrafted by artists from around the world. Chose from wood, metal or stained glass exteriors or a themed kaleidoscope such as 'The Time Fly' for the aviation enthusiast or 'Impromptu' for the pianist on your gift list.  Kaleidoscope jewelry is also a fun way to share the benefits of kaleidoscopes.

The Time FlyImpromptuKaleidoscope Necklace 'Beaded'

Kaleidoscopes are visually appealing not only to view but to display in any home or office.  Contact us if you need any help finding the perfect kaleidoscope gift.