Looking for unique and memorable gifts that fit all occasions?

29th Apr 2020

Here's why you should buy a kaleidoscope!

 People tell us every day that they've always loved kaleidoscopes when they were children, but a few people may scratch their heads about why someone might purchase a handcrafted kaleidoscope for an adult. One answer is...no one ever outgrows a kaleidoscope!

Kaleidoscopes make unique, memorable gifts for all occasions and for anyone who might be difficult for whom to buy gifts. They're often a wonderful metaphor for a whole new outlook on life and/or a major life changing event such as a wedding, graduation or retirement.

Other suggestions include:

  • Wedding gifts - Kaleidoscopes are particularly suited for couples who may already own traditional wedding gifts. Consider a customized kaleidoscope made with the couple's wedding invitation.
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvah giftsC. Bennett Scopes Special Occasion Kaleidoscopes have been the go-to-gift to help commemorate a child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
  • Retirement & graduation gifts - We can customize many kaleidoscopes with a message on a brass plaque--contact us.  Chesnik Scopes, available in brass and chrome, are a wonderful option for customization on their wooden base.
  • Teacher gifts - We have it on good authority that teachers already own plenty of mugs!  
  • Housewarming gifts - We have kaleidoscopes at all price ranges.
  • And the list goes on & on!

Because our handcrafted kaleidoscopes are so decorative on display, we refer to them as "interactive art." Many of our customers are kaleidoscope collectors, due to the almost endless variety available to enjoy.  Infact, we joke that many collectors are addicted to kaleidoscopes!

As you'll see by perusing our website, there are a multitude of types of kaleidoscopes, materials from which they're made, and special effects that artists will create with the mirror systems.

If you're still unsure of which kaleidoscope to buy yourself or to buy as a gift, please feel free to contact us by phone (207-571-8138) or email (info@CapeKaleidoscopes.com), and we'll be happy to guide you through the wonderful world of kaleidoscopes!

At Cape Kaleidoscopes, we offer a large selection of artistic and collectible kaleidoscopes from toys to one-of-a-kind "interactive art”, handcrafted in glassmetalmixed media, and wood by 35+ of the most talented professional kaleidoscope artists from around the world!  Available at all prices and for all occasions, including corporate gifts.

The ever-evolving resolution of perfect order and symmetry created from random, even chaotic, disarray is the kaleidoscope's indelible promise of hope. ~ Cozy Baker


Small Signet Kaleidoscope with Agate Wheel in Brass by Jon Greene | Chesnik Kaleidoscopes