Kaleidoscope - 12" Nova Fantasy with etched Bees and Flowers by David Sugich (#5)

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David Sugich's 'Nova Fantasy' Kaleidoscope with etched Bees and Flowers - 12"

Taking his Novascope to the next level - David has etched bees and flowers onto the mirrors further enhancing the already amazing kaleidoscopic experience. 

In this one-of-a-kind version, named 'Frequency', long tapered, equilateral mirrors are encased in brownish-greenish patterned stained glass on two sides, with the third side in pearlescent white glass with segments of dichroic glass. It also features decorative soldering connecting each piece of glass and an image of a bee with its wings toward the bottom. There is a clear marble at the narrow end, like teleidoscopes have, allowing the viewer to bring into view various colors of whatever one points this kaleidoscope at.

David has drawn concentric lines in orange, purple, orange, red and green on one side of the mirror system, which are reflected onto the other two sides of mirror. These lines create a hexagonal beehive effect that become increasingly narrow due to the tapered shape of this special kaleidoscope.

But this kaleidoscope has an additional surprise for the viewer...loose beads that fall toward the eyepiece when lifted up quickly to the ceiling. When the kaleidoscope is then lowered quickly, the tiny beads seem to make that disco ball jump. Different effects can be created by raising or lowering the kaleidoscope more slowly. These special effects are exaggerated because its tapered mirror system.



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