Kaleidoscope - 3D PRINTED Series #4 in White by Charles Karadimos

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CK-3D#4 White
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This unique kaleidoscope body is made with a 3D printer, a departure from the traditional slumped glass body that Charles has become known for. 

The scope features 6 multi-layer fused glass cabochons inlaid on the body.  The interior is very much the traditional Charles Karadimos style with its beautifully random 8-point images produced by a tapered two-mirror system.  All of the glass in the free-turning dry object cell is delicately lamp-worked for greater detail.  

Measuring approximately 6" tall by 3" at the widest point.  Each scope takes approximately 15 hours to print.  

 "Kaleidoscopes represent what is important in a harmonious life - great diversity living together in one place, creating order out of chaos." ~ Charles Karadimos


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