Kaleidoscope 'Antipode' in Blue by Marc Tickle

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Kaleidoscope 'Antipode' in Blue by Marc Tickle

This paper-lined, glass "Antipode" oil-cell kaleidoscopes continues to create captivating imagery after each turn of its glass knob on either end.  The cell is liquid filled and contains lampworked glass, beads, metal and dichroic glass pieces.  Simply mesmerizing and sure to please!  The kaleidoscopic pattern is generated by a 3 mirror 45-45-90 mirror system. It is uncommon because it is hard to do, but when it is perfect, the images are mesmerizing.

This version features blue paper decorating the inside of the glass tube body.  Additional colors available by special order.

8-1/2" long x 1-1/2" in diameter (tube) x 3-71/4" wide at the oil cell end.

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