Kaleidoscope - 'Bliss Point' in Maple Wood by Randy & Shelley Knapp Limited Edition #13/16

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“Bliss Point” is a limited edition of 16 kaleidoscopes which are the last to be made by Randy & Shelley Knapp prior to their retirement in June 2019. 

Bliss Point is the culmination of everything that Randy & Shelley Knapp have learned since they began making kaleidoscopes in the 1980's.  It contains all of their best kaleidoscope secrets in their final kaleidoscope ~ ending their long and successful career as kaleidoscope artists. 

The body is made from very highly figured maple wood hand-turned by Randy.  Shelley included a universal combination of her favorite lamp-worked glass pieces in a mix of bright and jewel tones for the fluid filled object cell.  The image is a 6 point mandala against a black background.  

If you haven't yet added a Knapp kaleidoscope to your collection - don't miss out on Bliss Point!!



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