Kaleidoscope - 'I Feel - Blue' by Chiyuki Kagawa

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Kaleidoscope - 'I Feel - Blue' by Chiyuki Kagawa

'I Feel' is created to express the feelings of happiness and relaxation through color.   

A simple, yet elegant design using blue stained glasses and silver solder to create a small rectangular body to house the internal 3-mirror system.

The oil filled glass object chamber contains small pieces of lamp-worked glass, dichroic film, beads and silky blue and white pearls.  Inside, you'll see varying shades of blue and green accented by hints of orange and yellow and a larger than life 13 point central mandala with repeating mandalas in the surround.

Measures approximately 5-1/4" long by 3-1/4" (object cell) by 3/4" wide. Stand included.  

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