Kaleidoscope 'Both Sides Now #7' in wood by David Kalish

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Kaleidoscope 'Both Sides Now #7' in wood by David Kalish 

Newly designed and introduced at the 2022 Brewster Kaleidoscope Society annual kaleidoscope expo, this is Both Sides Now, an homage to the creative genius of Joni Mitchell.

This scope stands 13” tall, has two 2” diameter solid wood barrels, extending out to 3.5” at it’s base. This is a re-imagined, re-designed version of David's famous Wedding Kaleidoscope®, only this version wears the title of Joni Mitchell’s classic song that expresses the way appearances change, depending upon the point-of-view of the observer. Joni bought one of David's original Wedding Kaleidoscopes® back in the late 1980’s.  He's certain that the theme expressed in that creation resonated with her, thus he named this new scope after one of her best known and poignant songs.

Essentially, David has stood his Wedding Kaleidoscope® on it’s head, or perhaps its tail, depending upon your point-of-view; which is only to say it stands vertically instead of horizontally. One side holds a two-mirror system, the other contains a three-mirror system. The rich object chamber turns independent of the scope's body, and from either side. Although it wears a different name, it is still, generically, a Wedding Kaleidoscope®. A great wedding gift, if there ever was one! 

Signed and numbered by the artist.