Kaleidoscope - 'Brocade' in Lavender by Peggy & Steve Kittelson

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A unique 4-mirror system helps create a unique band pattern, a "chorus line", within the side-lit object chamber of this kaleidoscope's slumped glass exterior, matching the interior lamp-worked glass floating in the oil cell. Glittering flecks of dichroic glass sparkle in the rich mix of colors. Rich in color and design, Brocade makes an unusual and beautiful gift. It measures 9-1/2" long x 2" in diameter, and approximately 3-3/4" tall when sitting on its own suede-lined walnut stand.

This kaleidoscope is available in a very large variety of glass colors: Berry Mix, Black, Blue Green, Cobalt Blue, Carnival Cranberry, Cranberry, Gold Hunter, Mauve Sorbet, Mediterranean Blue, Pink Parfait, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow. Textured glass colors include: Brown, Caribbean Blue, Cream, Flame, Lavender, Moss Green and Yellow/Orange.

If you don't see your preferred glass color, we can order it for you.

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