Kaleidoscope - 'CARDS' Polarized Oil Cell by Hiroshi Wakabayashi

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A variation of his INCA kaleidoscope, this is CARDS, a handheld polarized oil cell kaleidoscope. 

The exterior body of the handcrafted kaleidoscope is decorated with playing cards and Hiroshi's signature gold epoxy that he adds to many of his kaleidoscopes.  The bright and colorful interior 12 point mandala is created with a 2 mirror system and an oil filled object chamber containing tiny pieces of transparent film and micro-beads. 

To further enhance the interior beauty, Hiroshi used a polarized film inside the object chamber.  This film filters out light rays that would normally pass through and illuminates the transparent pieces inside.  The range of colors is caused by the light rays bending at various angles.   

This scope is approximately 6-1/2" long and 2" in diameter.