Kaleidoscope - Ceramic Blue and White #3 by Yasuko Nakazato

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Kaleidoscope - Ceramic Blue and White #3 by Yasuko Nakazato

This new handheld ceramic kaleidoscope is a collaboration between two Japanese artists.  Yasuko Nakazato contributed the mirror system and object cell and her friend, a ceramic artist, contributed the ceramic body to house the mirrors.  Their individual works are brought together with intricate silver soldering at the top and bottom.  The body itself is half white and half light blue with a delicate pattern of hieroglyphic inspired designs formed into it.   

The dome shaped oil cell object chamber is filled with dichroic and lampworked glass in green, blue and white with a hint of yellow.  This kaleidoscope has a 3-mirror system and features a permanent flower blossom etched into it.  It measures approximately 6-1/2” long by 1-3/4” in diameter.