Kaleidoscope - 'Column' in Pearlescent Plum Stained Glass with Grapes by Kathleen Hunt

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Kaleidoscope - 'Column' in Pearlescent Plum Stained Glass with Grapes 

Artist Kathleen Hunt creates a unique interior image within this kaleidoscope by using a ribbed glass rod as one of the 3 mirrors.  This creates a permanent 3D 'column' extending from the center of the mandala imagery.

For the body of this handcrafted kaleidoscope, Kathleen chose a pearlescent plum stained glass soldered together in a rectangular shape. Kathleen added two silver grape clusters to the exterior of the stained glass kaleidoscope body. 

The object cell is a movable glass tube filled with pieces of glass, stone, beads and other materials in different colors, shapes, sizes and textures creating a large round mandala of widely varying, beautiful interior images.  This is a great kaleidoscope to experiment with as you can remove the contents of the object cell and insert your own found materials.  

The body of the kaleidoscope measures approximately 8" long by 3-1/2" wide by 1" deep.  The glass tube object cell is 3/4" round by 6" long.    



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