Kaleidoscope - Desert Lace #5 by Sherry and Stephen Hopkins

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Kaleidoscope - Desert Lace #5 by Sherry and Stephen Hopkins

Desert Lace is a kaleidoscope handcrafted with American Cherrywood which has been overlaid with the delicate and lacy fiber from the interior of the Prickly Pear Cactus. This cactus fiber is an original design of award-winning artists John and Laurie Maeder of Jerome, Arizona who have developed a process to harvest and preserve this beautiful cactus fiber lace with all its intricate detail.  They are the only artists in the world using this process to create objects of art.  

An internal 2-mirror system creates a large single 6-point mandala image with an instant WOW factor given its significant size.  The lacy effect of the cactus is repeated inside the smooth turning liquid filled object cell which also features copper and turquoise lamp-worked glass, beads, dichroic film, gemstones, crystals, metals and fabrics.  

This kaleidoscope measures approximately 7" tall by 3" in diameter.


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