Kaleidoscope - Echo's Reply in Stained Glass by Sue Rioux Designs

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Kaleidoscope - Echo's Reply in Stained Glass by Sue Rioux Designs

In this version of Echo's Reply, Sue uses a dark iridescent stained glass to make the long rectangular body of this gorgeous kaleidoscope.  The glass has a unique repeating pattern offering glimmers of gold, blue, black and pink.  Sue has decorated the top with two long clear glass rods and a decorative piece of dichroic glass.  The object cell is a rotating barrel shape consisting of a variety of smooth and textured glass, glass beads and dichroic glass pieces in an array of colors.   

This beautiful handcrafted kaleidoscope offers 2 internal mirror systems including a 2-mirror and a 3-mirror.  Its two kaleidoscopes in one! On the left side you'll enjoy a large round mandala created by the 2-mirror system.  On the right side is the gorgeous full field of mandala imagery created by the 3-mirror system.  The entire kaleidoscope is finished with her signature patina that she adds to all her soldering, resulting in a lovely copper effect on the barrel, eyepiece end, four little feet, and other adornments.

It measures approximately 9-3/4" long x 2" wide along the body and stands 3-3/4" tall. 

Signed and dated by the artist - Sue Rioux 2021 #119 Echo's Reply.  This kaleidoscope is #119 in the series. 


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