Kaleidoscope - Flor II in Blue by Koji Yamami

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Kaleidoscope - Flor II in Blue by Koji Yamami 

Flor II is another new handcrafted kaleidoscope from revered Japanese artist Koji Yamami.  The body is made with 12 pieces of fused iridescent glass strips with a small round dichroic gem in the middle of one strip.  An intricate pattern is etched onto the dark eye piece end and the object cell end is stamped Koji Yamami.  In this version, the iridescent glass presents as a dark blue/green with hint of pink.

Inside you'll find a 2-mirror system and a dry cell object chamber with small pieces of lamp-worked glass in soft hues producing round mandalas with perfect 8 point symmetry. Koji uses a multicolored glass for the background of the object chamber offering an additional element of pink and blue color to the background.

This scope is approximately 5-3/4" tall by 1-5/8” in diameter.