Kaleidoscope - Flor Shadow Triangle by Koji Yamami

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Kaleidoscope - Flor Shadow Triangle by Koji Yamami 

Flor Shadow Triangle is a new (2022) kaleidoscope created by world famous Japanese artist Koji Yamami.

It features a tapered triangle shaped stained glass exterior made with a colorful fused glass secured together with decorative silver solder. 

The interior image is a two mirror - 8 point mandala with a dry non-turning object cell containing lamp-worked glass pieces in blues, greens, purples and pinks to name a few.  To enhance the interior images, Koji added several small pieces of dichroic glass to the end of the object cell creating a unique and colorful 'shadow' behind the mandalas.  

This scope is 7" tall by 1-3/4" at the object cell end.    

Signed by the artist.