Kaleidoscope - 'Gaudi' large by Koji Yamami

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Kaleidoscope - 'Gaudi' large by Koji Yamami

Since visiting Barcelona Spain, Koji has been inspired by Gaudi's architectural structures and impressed with his mosaic patterns.  He used Luster stained glass in pastel colors on the exterior of this scope to be like Gaudi's mosaic designs. And, he created delicate flower images in the object chamber which are like the many flowers Koji observed in Spain.

The interior image is a two mirror - 8 point mandala with a dry non-turning object cell containing lamp-worked glass pieces in blues, greens, purples and pinks.  Koji uses a multi-colored stained glass end further enhancing the interior imagery with additional color hues.  

This scope is 7-1/2" tall by 1-1/4" at the eye piece end and 2-1/4" at the object cell end.  

Signed by the artist.