Kaleidoscope - Globescope by Frank and Janet Higgins

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Kaleidoscope - 'Globescope' by Frank and Janet Higgins

Globescope is a unique handcrafted kaleidoscope by Frank and Janet Higgins featuring an turning oil-filled globe containing lampworked and dichroic glass elements as the object cell.  The body of the scope is a turqouise/cranberry reverse painted glass with decorative metalwork.

The 3-mirror system offers fully-tiled 45/45/90 degree wallpaper-type images with an underlying square geometry against a light background.  The pattern changes as the glass globe is turned and continue to move after the globe has stopped rotating.   

Dimensions are approximately 7-3/4" long by 2-3/4" wide at the globe end by 1-3/4" tall.  

Signed and numbered by the artist.  #44 in this edition limited to 99


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