Kaleidoscope - 'Infinity' in Stained Glass by Sue Rioux Designs

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Kaleidoscope - Infinity by Sue Rioux Designs

Infinity is a new parlor style kaleidoscope for 2020 by Maine artist Sue Rioux.  Infinity boasts a turn-table object chamber and the largest single mandala you've ever seen!

The body is made with a buttoned black stained glass in a tall rectangular shape.  Two aqua blue glass rods and a multicolored dichroic glass bead adorn the front.  The body of the scope sits atop a square base that contains a shelf where the rotating turn-table object chamber sits. The object chamber is a round glass bowl containing beads, strips of glass and charms that spins freely and easily.  The contents can be re positioned and/or swapped out for found objects of your choice for an infinite number of kaleidoscopic images.  Interior images are created by the internal 2 mirror system providing the viewer with magnificently large and bright 4 point mandalas.  

The entire piece is finished with Sue's signature patina that she adds to all her soldering, resulting in a beautiful copper effect.

This is a kaleidoscope to cherish for a lifetime. It measures 9" tall with a 5" by 4" square base.  

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