Kaleidoscope - 'Iris in Blue' by Yasuko Nakazato

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"Iris" is a gorgeous handheld glass kaleidoscope by Japanese artist Yasuko Nakazato.

The outer glass of the kaleidoscope body is a cobalt blue color and features two etched iris flowers revealing a layer of colorful dichroic glass.  Yasuko uses a decorative soldering on the scope ends and the clear glass object chamber.  The object chamber, with its gray colored ends, is an innovative design with two unique sides separated by a thin slice of polarized film.  One side of the object chamber contains lampworked glass and the other side contains dichroic film, wire and beads. 

The combination of these interior elements and the kaleidoscope's 3-mirror system creates a variety of stunning interior images in a rainbow of colors with an emphasis on blue.     

The scope measures 7-1/4" long by almost 2" wide at the eyepiece end and almost 3-1/2" at the object chamber end.  

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