Kaleidoscope - Katagami #12 by Yasuko Nakazato

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Kaleidoscope - Katagami #12 by Yasuko Nakazato

This handcrafted glass kaleidoscope by Yasuko Nakazato is inspired by KATAGAMI, the more than 100 year old Japanese art of producing patterns on textiles and leather by means of a paper stencil.  

The body of the kaleidoscope features a KATAGAMI stencil design on brown paper under clear glass on both the top and bottom sides.  The rotating and sliding oil cell object chamber is filled with lampworked glass, dichroic film and glass beads creating mandalas in soft colors including greens, yellows and blues.  This kaleidoscope has an interior 3-mirror system producing a full field of kaleidoscopic imagery.

This kaleidoscope measures approximately 8.5" long by 2.5" wide and 3/4" deep.


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