Kaleidoscope 'King's Ransom' in Maple wood by Henry Bergeson

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Dual Kaleidoscope/Teleidoscope by Henry Bergeson

A wonderful option for the discerning kaleidoscope lover, King's Ransom offers three different types of kaleidoscopes in one tidy case: a beautiful teleidoscope, a dry cell kaleidoscope with a tray of provided "jewels" or you may use your own pieces, and an oil cell kaleidoscope with three separate oil cells each nesting in a brass-trimmed, velvet-lined tray.

The removable brass-ringed object holder unscrews so that either the oil cells or "jewels" may be dropped inside. The entire case folds together neatly, providing a handsome stand for the teleidoscope/kaleidoscope to rest upon.

It is offered in both 2-mirror and 3-mirror systems. This version has been created with a 3-mirror system in Maple. It also features Henry's signature ergonomically correct, curved eyepiece for comfortable viewing.

When fully closed, this kaleidoscope measures 10.5" long x 3" wide x 3" tall.

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