Kaleidoscope - 'Magic Act' with Turning End in Walnut/Maple 6pt grid by Dan Land

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Magic Act with Turning End in Walnut / Maple 6 Point Grid

Dan is a master woodworker with the East Tennessee Woodworker’s Guild and the Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Association. He handcrafts his kaleidoscopes from a wide variety of local Appalachian hardwoods.

Dan says, “When I first learned how to make kaleidoscopes, the most fascinating part of the process for me was adding the magic. It was amazing how adding a little more of this color, or that shaped object, changed the image. I wanted to let everybody feel the 'magical’ thrill, so I designed my kaleidoscopes so you could control the magic. My “Magic Act” style allows you to change out the objects in the kaleidoscope [via the slide-out wooden door], which changes the appearance and color of the interior images. You are in control.”

Toward that end, Dan thoughtfully includes a 5” tall plastic tower container with six small compartments of multi-colored baubles to experiment with, making this kaleidoscope endlessly customizable. Of course, you can add your own items, too.

These lovely kaleidoscopes are available in a multitude of wood combinations on each side of the main part of the kaleidoscope body. He also offers several different mirror systems. Each kaleidoscope comes with its own custom wooden stand.

The kaleidoscope measures 9-1/4" long x 2" wide x 3" tall when resting on its custom wooden base.