Kaleidoscope - 'Martini' by Keiko & Yoshiaki Onodera

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From the y line-02 Cocktail's Collection ~ this is the 'Martini' kaleidoscope by Yoshiaki Onodera.

A delicate and extremely detailed kaleidoscope with an aluminum body in light blue/silver tone.  The interior images, created by a 3-mirror system, are crisp and clean.  As you turn the kaleidoscope a full field of greens and reds akin to the Martini's most famous garnish appear! 

The martini is the King of the Cocktails. It’s from a different era. A martini is not something to be raced through, but to take your time with, in a relaxed state of mind.

Measures 7" long by 1" in diameter.  

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