Kaleidoscope - 'Mini Puzzle Necklace' by Roy Cohen

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Kaleidoscope - 'Mini Puzzle' Necklace by Roy Cohen

Here at Cape Kaleidoscope, we like to say that wearable kaleidoscopes are "portable Zen." This Mini Puzzle Kaleidoscope-Necklace has several unique features. It features Ron's signature dark brass patina to resemble an antiqued finish popularized by the Victorian, "steam punk" genre.

Its two independently turning wheels are artfully shaped to resemble puzzle pieces. The wheel that's closest to your eye produces the foreground of the mandalas (or interior images), whereas the other wheel produces the background. Each wheel consists of many bright colors of colored crystal glass beads. The imagery created from this kaleidoscope's 2-mirror system results in combinations of vivid patterns that are almost endless, and sure to be a hit with anyone on your gift list.

The pendant itself measures 2-1/2" long x 7/8" in diameter (at the wheels). This memorable kaleidoscope hangs from a chain that's 31-1/2" long, plenty long enough so that you can look through it and enjoy its colors and patterns while wearing it.

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