Kaleidoscope - Mushroom #2 in Slumped Glass by Yoshiko & Takeo Matsumoto

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Kaleidoscope - Mushroom #2 in Slumped Glass by Yoshiko & Takeo Matsumoto

We are so excited to bring Yoshiko and Takeo Matsumoto's unique one-of-a-kind Mushroom series to the United States.    

Mushroom kaleidoscopes are handcrafted with a gorgeous multi-colored slumped glass body tapered in the middle and wider at the top housing the interior mirror system.  The rounded cap of the mushroom, adorned with small rectangular glass pieces, houses the rotating liquid object cell filled with lamp-worked and dichroic glass pieces. 

This kaleidoscope features an internal 3 mirror system producing a brilliant 7 point mandala image surrounded by repeating mandalas for a full field of kaleidoscopic imagery.  The primary colors inside are varying hues of green and yellow accented by blue, aqua and hints of sparkling dichroic glass.  Shine a light against the object cell and watch as the glass objects dance and sparkle inside.  

This handheld kaleidoscope measures approximately 6-1/2" tall by 2-1/2" in diameter at the object cell end.  The scope arrives in a custom wooden box.

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