Kaleidoscope - Narrow Necklace in Gold or Silver by Koji Yamami

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Kaleidoscope - Narrow Necklace in Gold or Silver by Koji Yamami

This brand new kaleidoscope from Japanese artist Koji Yamami is a smaller version of Koji's Narrow Kaleidoscope with an attached matching chain transforming it into a wearable necklace kaleidoscope!  The body is made from highly reflective patterned dichroic glass and is available in either a gold or silver finish. 

Crisp, clear and amazingly bright on the inside and featuring an internal 3 mirror system for an endless number of interior images.  All you need to do is slide and turn the clear glass wand object cell which is filled with tiny colorful pieces of lamp-worked glass and strips of dichroic film.

The chain is approximately 28" long allowing you to hold the kaleidoscope to your eyes while wearing it around your neck.  The body of the scope is 2" long by 1-1/4" wide at the viewing end and 2" wide at the object cell end.   

The video below shows an example of a Narrow kaleidoscope which is very similar to this Narrow Necklace kaleidoscope.  

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