Kaleidoscope Necklace in Champagne Gold by Kevin & Deborah Healy

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An exquisite miniature kaleidoscope necklace, handcrafted of an annodized aluminum case with a sterling silver chain, is a treasure to behold. A dry cell filled with nearly microscopic colored pieces of recycled glass, dichroic glass, crystal gems and beach glass makes this wearable art a viewing treasure. Beautiful both inside and out, this unque piece of jewelry is sure to find its way to the wish list of someone you know.

Available in a wide variety of colors: rose, pink, lime, purple, light turquoise, orange, red, emerald, light blue, teal, navy, dark teal, black, silver and gold. This lovely kaleidoscope measures 1-1/8" long x .25" diameter and the sterling silver chain is 28" long.