Kaleidoscope - Obelisk by Frank and Janet Higgins

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United Kingdom

Kaleidoscope - Obelisk by Frank and Janet Higgins

Another unique handcrafted kaleidoscope by Frank and Janet Higgins, the only active kaleidoscope artists in the UK.

Designed to look like an Ancient Egyptian obelisk, with its 4 sided tapering pyramid shape, this kaleidoscope features a dry-filled “capstan”-type object chamber filled with dichroic and lampworked glass in a variety of colors. The body is made with a pale blue iridized stained glass.

The interior of Obelisk is a take on the spherical-seeming image – this time from an equilateral tapered 4-mirror system. The scope is designed to stand upright, like an obelisk, when not in use.  

Approximate dimensions 5-1/2" tall by 3-3/4 inches wide on each side.  


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