Kaleidoscope - Orion in Hard Maple Wood 2 Mirror by Peggy & Steve Kittelson

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Kaleidoscope - Orion in Hard Maple Wood by Peggy & Steve Kittelson

This kaleidoscope has a 2-mirror, 13-point system, and features a turned hard maple wood exterior.  

Orion has a polarized object cell which contains a polarized lenses that filter out light rays that would normally pass through and illuminates the glass pieces inside.  This creates a dark background for the image because the light has been filtered out by the cross polarization of the lenses. However, when bi-refringent material is placed between the lenses, the light is bent (refracted) and therefore since the light rays are at a new angle to the lens, they can pass through and are seen as varied colors depending on the thickness of the bi-refringent material and the angle of the light ray. The range of colors is caused by the light rays bending at various angles.

This unique scope measures 10-1/4" long x 2-1/2" in diameter x approximately 3-3/4" tall when sitting on its suede-lined walnut stand.



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