Kaleidoscope - Palmtop Snowscope by Frank and Janet Higgins

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United Kingdom

Kaleidoscope - Palmtop Snowscope by Frank and Janet Higgins

Palmtop Snowscope is a whimsical handheld kaleidoscope with a wintery theme!  The Higgins' Palmtop series is scaled-down from the their full-size range of kaleidoscopes but with the same high standard of optical system. 

The body is made from a shiny silver frost stained glass soldered together in a triangle shape.  The object is small capstan tumble chamber filled with lightly colored beads and charms and highly reflective dichroic glass which reflects a rainbow of color.  Frank adds a six point star shaped dichroic glass embellishment to the object cell to enhance the exterior of the Snowscope.  The internal image features the design of a 6 point snowflake competing the winter theme with snowflake imagery.  And, just like no two snowflakes are alike, no two kaleidoscopic images are alike inside this unique kaleidoscope.

Dimensions are approximately 5-1/4" long X 2 1/2" wide at the object end.