Kaleidoscope - Parlor Style Music Box with Jupiter by Hiroshi Wakabayashi

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Parlor Style Kaleidoscope with Music Box - Jupiter

A very unique parlor style kaleidoscope with music box by Japanense artist Hiroshi Wakabayashi.

This kaleidoscope has an overall antique look with a body made from torched copper tubing set atop a base made of copper, wood and painted acrylic.  Hiroshi added his signature golden epoxy embellished with stones, beads and glass to decorate the base. When you wind the music box, the polarized dry object cell of the kaleidoscope turns automatically via a wheel attached to the turning function of the music box.  Look inside the scope to see a full field of bright and colorful mandala imagery from the internal 3-mirror system - while listening to the song Jupiter.  This is a unique kaleidoscope, certain to please both the eyes and ears! 

This kaleidoscope stands 8" tall by 7" long by 4" wide.

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