Kaleidoscope - 'Paula's Serendipity' by Peggy & Steve Kittelson (2 mirror 7 point)

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Kaleidoscope - Paula's Serendipity by Peggy & Steve Kittelson 

Here's a different version of the very popular "Paula's Rapture" kaleidoscope. This version features an iridescent interior image due to the inclusion of dichroic glass on one side, a very special mirror system aptly named "Northern Lights". The kaleidoscope itself is a 2-mirror in a 7 or 8-point mirror configuration, and is made to represent the quilting works of Paula Nadelstern, the preeminent kaleidoscope quilter. The object cell is an oil cell, filled with tiny pieces of dichroic and flame-worked glass.  A unique and magnificent gift for someone special.

It measures 10" long x 2" diameter, and stands approximately 3-1/4" tall when sitting on its own suede-lined walnut stand.

Note:  photos and video are representative only, exact coloring and pattern of the exterior glass and the interior object cell contents may vary slightly ~ but are always guaranteed to be gorgeous!

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