Kaleidoscope - Rose Window by Frank and Janet Higgins (Limited Edition #7/25)

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Kaleidoscope 'Rose Window' by Frank and Janet Higgins (Limited Edition #7/25)

Rose Window is an enlarged version of the Higgins' Gothic kaleidoscope and another in their high-end range of conventional handcrafted kaleidoscopes.

The body is made with an iridescent dark blue stained glass with contrasting pale glass flash and decorative metalwork.    The object is a hand-rotated conical barrel containing approximately 70 individual glass elements including dichroic, iridescent, jewel, textured and millefiori providing a wealth of detail and variety. The wide-aperture and internal 2-mirror system present a large 8-pointed Rose Window image complete with representation of the stone tracery within each mandala.  

The scope is approximately 11" long by 3" wide at the conical barrel and and stands 3-1/2" tall.  An optional viewing stand is available by special order.   Signed and numbered by the artist.

Rose Window won an award at the international exhibition “Kaleidoscopes – 200 Years” in Washington DC 2016.

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