Kaleidoscope #S-265 in Stainless Steel by Tomoo Hosono

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Kaleidoscope #S-265 in Stainless Steel by Tomoo Hosono

Japanese kaleidoscope artist Tomoo Hosono handcrafts his kaleidoscopes in stainless steel with precision accuracy and attention to detail.  Each kaleidoscope is a one-of-kind work of art.

Within this sleek and modern design, you'll find a 3-mirror, 6 point polarized full field of kaleidoscopic images set against a black background.  The non-turning object cell is liquid filled for an infinite number of non-repeating images.  The mirrors in this kaleidoscope are set to 30-60-90 degree angles. 

#S-265 is approximately 4-1/2" tall by 1-3/8" in diameter.  Signed, dated and numbered by the artist.