Kaleidoscope - Sangria Serendipity 6 Point in Cherry wood by Peggy & Steve Kittelson

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Kaleidoscope - Sangria Serendipity in Cherry by Peggy & Steve Kittelson

Sangria Serendipity is a beautiful hand-turned wooden kaleidoscope with a 6 point altered 3-mirror system. In this Serendipity version, the third mirror is replaced with a piece of beautiful dichroic glass giving its full field mandala a halo of light and texture. It is finished with a gold anodized oil-filled chamber which is filled with Peggy's signature multi-colored lampworked glass pieces.

This scope measures 9-1/4" long x 2" in diameter, and is approximately 2-3/4" tall when sitting on its walnut stand.

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