Kaleidoscope 'Side-Lite' in Dark Walnut Woods by Mark and Carol Reynolds

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Kaleidoscope 'Side-Lite' in Walnut Wood by Mark and Carol Reynolds

Viewers are always amazed by their first glimpse of this handcrafted wooden kaleidoscope, exclaiming over its complex, detailed image and the surprising light show it produces. The exterior case is a rich Walnut wood with a detailed inlay design on one side. The oil cell contains tiny pieces of highly reflective dichroic glass which, when in motion, catch light, creating the magical much sought after fireworks effect. With all the complexity of a Persian carpet this 3-mirror system creates a central mandala with repeating mandalas in the surround.

It measures 12" long x 2-3/4" in diameter x 4" tall when sitting on its custom slanted-styled black base.

The photos shown represent this kaleidoscope.  The video below is representative of the Reynolds kaleidoscopes scopes but may not be this specific kaleidoscope.

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