Kaleidoscope - 'Small Floret Dichroic' in Brass | Chesnik Scopes by Sue Rioux

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Kaleidoscope - 'Small Floret Dichroic' in Brass | Chesnik Scopes by Sue Rioux

Small Floret Dichroic Brass is a beautiful handheld kaleidoscope boasting a 6-point, 3-mirror system. It has two interchangeable and independently turning wheels, created in a stained glass technique but from two different types of dichroic glass (textured and smooth), which is glass that is treated with multiple layers of metal oxides, making it highly reflective and very vivid. The usual response from a first-time viewer is a gasp and an exclamation of delight. 

The majority of the image that you see as you look through its eyepiece is created by the primary wheel, or the one closest to your eye. The secondary wheel provides the background or accent image. When you unscrew the knob holding the wheels and trade out the wheels front-to-back, you are rewarded with an entirely different kaleidoscopic view.*

The kaleidoscope itself is 7-1/2" long x 2-1/2" diameter, and the wheels are 2-1/4" in diameter. When sitting on its custom walnut base, the kaleidoscope measures 7-1/2" long x 2" wide x 2-3/4" tall.

*You can also purchase other add-on wheels to make this kaleidoscope even more interchangeable.

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