Kaleidoscope - 'Snowing' with 2 oil cells by Judith Paul & Tom Durden

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This is a beautiful 2-mirror, 6-point oil cell kaleidoscope encased in a vibrant cobalt blue two-process powder coated tube, with a laser cut, dichroic and slumped glass snowflake embellishment on its exterior. It comes with two interchangeable oil cells. The oil cell with the clear background depicts snowing during the day, and contains beads, trinkets, and dichroic pieces of glass in shades of blue, gold and white. The second oil cell, depicts snowing at night with its black background, and features snowflakes, beads, and trinkets in turquoise, white, green, and silver. 

With incredible attention to every detail, the artists have inventively created a snowflake cutout which bisects the mirror system, making the interior image a snowflake shape. 

The kaleidoscope itself is 2-3/4" in diameter x 8-1/2" tall. The accompanying blue mesh powder coated cup holds the extra oil cell when not in use.

Virtually all kaleidoscope styles created by Judith and Tom since 2013 have removable oil cells. Additional oil cells can be purchased separately to further enhance one's viewing pleasure.

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