Kaleidoscope - 'Square Starlet' in Shiny Brass by Sheryl Koch

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This little kaleidoscope really packs a punch. It features a 3-mirror system with two interchangeable and independently turning wheels of multi-colored fused glass expertly created by Sheryl in a kiln. A powerful magnification lens inside the eyepiece creates a very vivid image. As you look through the kaleidoscope, the majority of the interior image is created by the primary wheel, or the one closest to your eye, and the secondary wheel provides the background or accent image. When you unscrew the knob beyond these wheels, you can trade out the wheels front-to-back to get the opposite effect.

Plated in a shiny brass finish, this kaleidoscope is a great gift when display space is a concern, whether at home or the office. It comes packaged in its own small acrylic box.

This kaleidoscope measures 3-1/4" long by 1-1/2" wide and approximately 1-1/2" tall when sitting on its custom little felt-lined wooden base. 

Signed and dated by the artist.