Kaleidoscope - 'Star Dust' by Koji Yamami

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KY-Star Dust
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Kaleidoscope - 'Star Dust' by Koji Yamami 

Star Dust is a 10" long tapered 3 mirror kaleidoscope with a small turning wheel of color at the object cell end.  The body of the scope is made with a clear patterned glass allowing you to see the internal mirror assembly.  The free turning wheel at the end is made from small slices of dichroic glass whose color illuminate the interior view.  When viewing this scope, slowly lower and raise the end of the scope to see tiny beads roll along the mirrors as if they are shooting stars in the night's sky!  These special effects are exaggerated because its tapered mirror system.

This kaleidoscope is approximately 10-1/4" long and approximately 2" wide at the eye piece end and 1-1/2" wide at the object wheel end. 

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