Kaleidoscope - The Nepalese Collection by Cape Kaleidoscopes

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C. Bennett Scopes by Cape Kaleidoscopes - The Nepalese Collection

The artwork in the body of these handcrafted kaleidoscopes is an eco-friendly Nepalese paper made from the bark of the Lokta plant.  The paper was handcrafted in Nepal by Women Co-operatives who have combined the traditional process of paper making with modern fashion and style.  The liquid suspension end is filled with special beads, stones, shells, glass and unique objects, that are combined to reflect the mood of each distinctive paper design. The slow sensual movement of these elegant scopes will mesmerize you.

A handcrafted liquid object cell kaleidoscope is a gift that fits any occasion.  Whether its a special birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, or a special event such as a retirement, new job or new house, a kaleidoscope is the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of life with your loved ones.  

This kaleidoscope measures approximately 9-1/4" tall by 1-3/4" in diameter.  Pair this with a handcrafted stand and you've got the perfect gift for all your gift giving needs.