Kaleidoscope - The Time Fly in Bubinga wood by Henry Bergeson

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Graceful and fluid, The Time Fly appears ready to soar. Carved here in Bubinga, a dark, rich wood from West Africa (and available in Maple), it sports a brass-trimmed, extra long oil cell (8.5" long x 1.5" diameter) which rotates as well as slides back and forth, making this kaleidoscope the perfect choice for those whose imagination has no boundaries.  It also features Henry's signature ergonomically correct, curved eyepiece for comfortable viewing. Available in both 2-mirror and 3-mirror versions. Henry says, "Its curvy body makes you wonder, when time flies, what does it look like?"

This version is in Bubinga wood with a 3-mirror system. 

This lovely kaleidoscope measures 13" long x 9.25"  wide x 11" tall.


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