Kaleidoscope - 'Tilt-a-Whirl' in Lizard Leather by Carol and Tom Paretti

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Tilt-a-Whirl is one of the Paretti's most whimsical kaleidoscopes, featuring a 2-mirror, 5-point image with an over-sized, half-sphere, barrel-shaped oil cell that measures 7-3/8" long x 3" wide. This oil cell is filled with confetti, dichroic glass pieces, clear seed beads (that resemble tiny bubbles) and fimo clay trinkets. One holds this large oil cell with the handles on either side, at an angle to slow the pace of its movement, or vertically to speed it up. Completing this display is the Paretti's hallmark wood fluting on the third side of the mirror, which when reflected onto the other two sides of mirror, creates a zig-zag effect that draws the viewer in towards the oil cells. Simply wonderful!

The exterior tube is covered in a vibrant printed leather in a 'Lizard' pattern. Bubinga wood accents at either end and a brushed brass ring complete its extraordinary design. Included is a leather pad upon which the kaleidoscope rests. Highly unusual and collectible, this is a kaleidoscope people are drawn to repeatedly. The entire kaleidoscope measures 9" tall when held standing up.



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