Kaleidoscope - 'Venus X' in Stained and Dichroic Glass by Koji Yamami

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Kaleidoscope - 'Venus X' in Stained Glass by Koji Yamami

Venus X is the newest handcrafted stained glass kaleidoscope in 2020 from award winning Japanese kaleidoscope artist Koji Yamami.

Venus X is a sculptural work of art.  The body is made from a combination of iridescent pastel pink stained glass and small squares of dichoric glass decoratively soldered together into a free standing S shape.  A rotating fluid filled glass object chamber sits at the top, it too adorned with ornamental dichroic glass buttons.  The object chamber contains Koji's own lamp-worked and fused glass in various shapes and sizes. The addition of highly reflective dichroic glass pieces and strips to the object cell further enhance the interior images.

Internally, there is a single tapered mirror system made with both mirror and dichroic glass.  While there is only one mirror system, there are two eye holes at the base of the kaleidoscope each offering a unique 3D viewing experience.  You will be amazed at the very unique colors, shapes and movement this beautiful kaleidoscope creates.   

This scope stands 8-3/4" tall by 3-3/4" wide at the base and 2-1/2" wide at the top (object cell).



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