Kaleidoscope Wheel - 3" Millefiori Glass in Brass for Chesnik Kaleidoscopes

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Kaleidoscope Wheel - 3" Millefiori Glass in Brass for Chesnik Kaleidoscopes

Here's a very colorful wheel that would make a terrific add-on to several styles* of Chesnik Scopes. This particular wheel is composed of exquisite hand-bundled millefiori glass pieces which are individually created by Jon's mother and step-father, Janice & Ray Chesnik, the founders of Chesnik Scopes, who are otherwise retired. This centuries old Italian technique involves layering glass color-by-color into a bundle, and then working it in a gas furnace to get it molten hot. They reduce each image by stretching it to a length of 5-8 feet. 

Jon wraps each tiny piece of millefiori glass in very narrow copper foil tape, carefully smoothing each side.  He then builds each wheel like a unique puzzle using forms he created himself.  When you unscrew the knob holding the wheels and trade out the wheels front-to-back, you are rewarded with an entirely different kaleidoscopic view. When you add a third distinctly different wheel to your collection, such as this millefiori style, imagine all the permutations. It's truly a visual extravaganza.

*This wheel can be added to the following kaleidoscopes:

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