Kaleidoscope Wheel with Filigree in Brass for Chesnik Kaleidoscope

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Filigree Wheel in Brass

Here's a deceivingly simple wheel soldered together from small metal filigree pieces, resulting in a lovely, lacy effect when combined with any other Chesnik Scopes wheels.

The majority of the image that you see as you look through one of these kaleidoscopes is created by the primary wheel, or the one closest to your eye. The secondary wheel provides background or accent image. When you unscrew the knob holding the wheels and trade them out front-to-back, you are rewarded with an entirely different kaleidoscopic view. When you add a third distinctly different wheel to choose from and interchange, imagine all the permutations. It's truly a visual extravaganza.

Using Formica forms Jon created himself, he creates three or four wheels at each time, and solders the pieces together using lead solder. He then checks that the wheel is evenly weighted so that it will spin freely and not stop at any one spot. His last step involves wrapping a piece of lead came as a brim for the wheel. Once a large batch of wheels is complete, he sends them to a metal plating company for either brass- or chrome-plating which is an industrial process, and the final result is that each wheel's metal parts are equal in beauty to its glass parts.