Kaleidoscope - Wooden Oil Cell by Leif Colson, Colorful Kaleidoscope Company

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Kaleidoscope - Wooden Oil Cell by Leif Colson

The amazing Leif Colson has done it again!  This is Leif's newest kaleidoscope design with a hand-turned wooden body made from black walnut enhanced with a multicolored arch pattern.  It features a 2-mirror reflective system which produces a central 6 point mandala style image against a white background.  The rotating object chamber contains Leif's own lamp-worked glass generating an infinite number of brightly colored kaleidoscopic images. 

He was even thoughtful enough to include a custom designed felt lined matching display stand.    

This kaleidoscope measures approximately 7-1/2" long x 2-3/4" wide (object cell end) x 2" (eye piece end) and stands 8" tall when resting on its custom base.

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