Mini Kaleidoscope - Farm Chicks in Etched Brass by Sandra Christie

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Mini Kaleidoscope Farm Chicks by Sandra Christie

Farm Chicks is a mini kaleidoscope beautifully handcrafted with Sandra's own artwork etched onto its brass body. 

Metal etching is a multi-step process that allows you to create beautiful designs in relief on a variety of metal surfaces.  Etching offers endless possibilities with beautifully impressive results.   

This mini kaleidoscope has a 3 mirror system and a liquid object chamber containing tiny lampworked glass and granular sized objects. The eyepiece has a 20 diopter glass lens which greatly magnifies the objects in the object chamber. The domed end acts as a light condenser and teleidoscope which both bring in more light and incorporates whatever it is pointed at into the image you see.

This kaleidoscope measures approximately 2-1/4" tall by 3/4" in diameter and arrives with the box in the photographs.